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04/05/2016 / Risk Analytics

Five Tips for Creating Dashboards

The evolution of Risk and Compliance Reporting brings the opportunity to replace the traditional simple data tables and charts for more graphical and engaging visual display.

Find in this eBook Five important tips for creating reports the users actually use, with practical questions and a checklist that you can apply within your own role:

1. Find out what your users want and need
2. Create "wireframes"
3. Select appropriate visualisations
4. Consider filters and usability
5. Let it simmer then follow up

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29/05/2015 / Risk Analytics

5 Alternatives To The Risk Assessment Matrix

Take the first step towards improving the classic risk assessment matrix. Confused about how to manage risks? Can't decide which to deal with first?

In this eBook, we outline how the traditional classic risk matrix and discuss five alternatives. 
You'll learn about the following charts that can help improve the classic risk asessment matrix:

  • The Bubble Chart
  • The Bar Chart
  • The Combo Chart
  • The Spider Chart
  • The Bullet Graph

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