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Protecht engaged to develop new risk management technology for the NRL

Protecht’s sophisticated and highly evolved software will help the NRL identify and manage Rugby League’s unique risk profile.

Sydney, Australia – October 29th 2018: Protecht, a global risk management solutions provider, has been engaged by the National Rugby League (NRL) to introduce innovative software to help manage its risk and protect the future of its iconic game.

Protecht Expansion - Risk Management in the UK

We are excited to announce that the Protecht Group has a new office now open for business in London. 

This office is part of Protecht's strategic global expansion plan which has been supported by the increasing demand from Europe and the UK for Protecht's services. 

The office will be led by Keith Davies, an experienced risk solutions consultant. The European financial services industry is currently facing considerable challenges with increasing regulation and the uncertain political environment. 

Risk Management events - Primed and Ready

Recent months have been keeping the Protecht Group as busy as ever with continued expansion both internally and through the continued broadening of our client base. Our team has increased by 30% year-on-year whilst the breadth of industries now using Protecht.ERM has continued to expand. Excitingly, Protecht has now launched operations in the UK and is looking forward to being able to share its expertise in the Risk and Compliance space in the UK. 

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