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They did it! Our team "Risked It All" at Tough Mudder

On Saturday 15 November, the team "Risked It All" at Tough Mudder and made it to work on the Monday! Respect and Congratulations to our awesome Tough Mudder team.

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Protecht News & Events

Training, injuries, quitting smoking, nutrition plans and a new baby have not stopped our awesome Protecht team who are on track to “Risk It All” at Tough Mudder on Saturday 15 November


When Pete Walker and Bing Jiang proposed a challenge to their co-workers to take part in Tough Mudder, they knew it would align well with the company’s focus on teamwork and collaboration. “It’s a team event” says Pete Walker, Head of Development at Protecht. “So the goal isn’t to finish by yourself as fast as you can, the goal is the cross the line as a team”.

Tough Mudder is hardcore. There is no doubt that participation in this event exemplifies discipline, dedication and determination. Their skills will be put to the test on Saturday 15th November, where participants will crawl through mud under barbed wire, run through a field of live electrical wires, and jump into a pool of ice water. All with the goal of saying they tackled the challenge together.

Since our last update in July:

  • Pete has given up smoking – go Pete!
  • Pete has become a new Dad and is currently surviving on 2-3 hours’ sleep, fast food and is injured with a strained Achilles. With less than ideal circumstances and training Pete is still hopeful and committed to the team. His current running capacity is 10km
  • Yury has been hitting the gym hard and getting even stronger
  • Bing has completed a 22km hike, been running and playing indoor soccer
  • Monpasha has completed a 12km run and committed to daily Bikram Yoga
  • Nutrition eating plans (prepared by Genevieve, Marketing Manager) have “kind of” been adhered to by Pete and Bing
  • Director #2, Dave Bergmark failed to register and only just informed Pete

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