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Jax Gibb, Software Development Manager

Jax has thirty years’ experience across product development, consulting, teaching, and management in Fin Services, Telecoms and Tech Start-ups. Throughout his career, he has focused on delivering value to customers, and he now leads the software teams as development manager, product owner, scrum master, quality assurance, and change agent. Jax is responsible for ensuring that the product developed is both relevant to our customers’ changing needs, and built with the latest techniques & practices that support the company’s standing as the leading provider of risk solutions. Jax wrote his thesis on Artificial Intelligence at Macquarie University and hasn’t seen a Neural Network since. In his spare time, Jax builds a large genealogical database, writes poetry, and plays bagpipes in the Rural Fire Service.

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The Agility of Risk Management Software

You might be forgiven for thinking that those who provide Risk Management software must be cautious and plan out their product and their activities to the finest detail before setting out to develop quality product. In fact, I would argue that an agile approach to software development is the only way to fulfil client expectations in general and is perfectly aligned with a risk management culture in particular.

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