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Protecht is an international company founded by some of the most accomplished risk professionals in the industry. Since 1999, we have delivered training, advisory and software solutions that intensify the Risk Management focus and discipline of government departments, corporations around the world.
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Infographic: Information Risk Management Framework


In previous articles, we have talked about the increasing importance that data collection and data management have in business strategy. On this occasion we are inviting you to consider, what are you doing with the information that the company is receiving and storing? Is there a robust process to manage, secure and protect it in an effective way and is that process an integral part of your Enterprise Risk Management framework?

In the infographic below you will see the four key stages that should make up the process. The starting point is to identify all sources of information that are used and managed by the organisation. To do this, you need to design an "Information Asset Register". Once this has been developed, you can then apply risk management to manage the risks that could stop your information management objectives being achieved.

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Our Top 5 Risk Management blogs in 2016

It is already February 2017. The year certainly feels like it is flying by. We are glad to see that our Risk Management Insights Blog continues to be read by thousands of professionals such as you, from all around the world. We all seem to receive a lot of information every day from many different sources. So to ensure that you didn't missed out on some of the articles that we have shared, we thought we would recap on some of our articles from 2016.

So we have made a selection of the '2016 Top five most read blogs'. We hope you enjoy the content and if you have not subscribed yet, just click here to receive the next articles directly in your Inbox. Enjoy.

1. What does it take to be a Risk Manager?

What are the key skills and characteristics needed to be successful in this role? Here is my list:

  • Risk management is to a large degree an art form. This requires a strong right hand (artistic) brain, able to cope with qualitative and inexact concepts and able to “see” into the future.
  • At the same time, the risk manager needs to be logical, analytical, problem-solving and exhibit a high degree of common sense.
  • The risk manager must be commercially astute and demonstrate a high degree of business acumen. Read more.

Operational Risk Management and the wider defined Enterprise Risk Management are often touted as a new concept. While the methodologies and processes employed may have been enhanced in the recent past, risk management is hardly new. Humans, arising from the instinct for survival, have been using and developing risk management techniques from the beginning of time. Continue reading here.

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ATO implements Protecht's Enterprise Risk Management System


Some months ago Protecht was delighted that Protecht.ERM was selected by the ATO as the ATO’s corporate-wide risk and governance system. After just a short time, under the guidance of Jodie Thomas, Executive Director, ATO Corporate and the ATO project implementation team, the ATO is already recognising some of the immense benefits that Protecht.ERM is capable of delivering.

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Information Security Risk Management: An Interview with Peter Walker, Protecht Group Chief Information Officer

In this blog post, Peter Walker, Protecht's Chief Information Officer, answers some questions around information security and getting ISO 27001 certified.

Why are you concerned about information security?

I receive notifications of data breaches and information security reports with lessons learned on a daily basis. The number, magnitude and consequences of these incidents continue to rise. As Protecht's CIO, it’s a sobering thought when you are managing other people’s highly sensitive data.

While we have always had information security processes and procedures in place for many years, I recognised the need to do more and to be able to quickly demonstrate to the Protecht Executive Team and external parties that we had in place a robust and effective information security risk management framework in place. As a separate driver, we needed to be able to demonstrate to our Australian Commonwealth Government clients and prospects that we met the very stringent information security management requirements of the Australian Signals Directorate.

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Our Most Popular Risk Management Articles in 2015

Happy New Year! 2016 has arrived and at Protecht we wish to take the opportunity to go back in time and share our most popular blogposts from 2015.

We invite you to enjoy these articles for the first time or reading them again. Just click the article title for the full view.

1. Compliance Risk Management

  • Analysis of the relationship between Compliance Management and Risk Management. Do you think that compliance is a subset of risk management?
  • See the difference between the Management Processes in each standard: ISO 31000 and ISO 19600.
  • Compliance risk management should form an integral part of the overall enterprise risk management (ERM) framework, and risk professionals should consider compliance risk as part of their overall portfolio of risks.

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