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COBA 2016 – Lead. Change. Grow. How does this theme apply to Protecht?

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Protecht was proud to provide its continuing support for the COBA conference. This year’s event was held in a somewhat wet and windy Adelaide – more about that in another article where I talk about real-life Business Continuity Planning (BCP) - but we didn’t let the weather dampen our enthusiasm. As usual, the conference provided a great environment for attendees to learn about a wide range of topics applicable to them.

Myself, Selina and Rajes met with numerous people enjoying a chat and letting them know what Protecht has been up to over the last 12 months and what the next year has in store for us… The theme of the conference “Lead. Change. Grow.” was particularly apt for us this year:

Lead: Protecht continues to be a leader in the provision of risk management services and was proud to be able to show attendees its new Bow Tie app for the iPad which is free to download and try. The app allows you to complete a Bow Tie risk analysis on your iPad or iPhone instead of a whiteboard. The Bow Tie can then be shared amongst other app users for easy editing and updating. If you didn’t get the opportunity to download the app then go to the Apple app store, search for Protecht and get started today.

Change: Over recent times the focus of obligation and compliance risk management has been increasing with the forever changing legal landscape. In turn, managing an obligations register and associated compliance activities has become more complex and requires more resources. As discussed with many conference participants, Protecht is now collaborating with LexisNexis, a leading provider of legal content, to stream their ADI Obligation content and alerts into Protecht.ERM. It truly is a game changer as not only are you able to get one source of truth for all content but the content is provided in plain English obligations and what they mean to your business, as opposed to traditional obligation content that simply regurgitates sections of regulations or acts.

Grow: Protecht has continued to grow over the previous 12 months and our outlook is very positive. We have significantly increased our client base  which has allowed us, as always, to continue to develop our risk solutions to provide the highest level of functionality and flexibility for small, medium and large organisations. We thank our clients for their ongoing support.

For those of you we had the pleasure of talking to during the conference thanks for stopping by and discussing the current risk environment. For those who didn’t stop by, then, the link below can give you a bit more information about one of the items above:


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Ian Brooks, Director Corporate Operations

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