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Five tips for creating Dashboards your Users actually Use

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In the last few years, while working with several risk and compliance teams from different industries to improve their reports, I noticed the following:

  • Existing reports were mostly driven by regulatory requirements
  • Reports were typically made for upper management, executive teams and board members and only a small percentage is relayed back to the people providing the data

There was no shortage of functional spreadsheets with a lot of tables and, if the author was feeling adventurous, the occasional chart or two.The increased availability of self-service business intelligence tools, however, seems to be playing a part in the evolution of risk and compliance reporting. Where reports were traditionally produced mainly to comply with a regulation, we are now seeing a lot more dashboards created specifically to support the organisation’s strategic decision-making.

Based on all the experiences I have had working as an Information Architect at Protecht, I decided to put together a list of "Five Tips for Creating Dashboards your Users Actually Use".

In this practical e-Book, you will find useful tips and easy to follow checklist that will help you in the process of creating astonishing dashboards that will show the most relevant information in a clear and beautiful way. 


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