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Protecht is an international company founded by some of the most accomplished risk professionals in the industry. Since 1999, we have delivered training, advisory and software solutions that intensify the Risk Management focus and discipline of government departments, corporations around the world.
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Risk Controls, Risk Manager

How to get more intimate with your controls

Even though most organisations will advocate the importance of controls, controls are usually not well understood or managed.

This often leads to a control framework that inadequately addresses risk, is not effective, is not fit for purpose and is cumbersome and costly to manage and maintain.

"Without attention, controls will deteriorate, become obsolete or become sub-optimal."

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Risk Appetite

A Practical Guide to Risk Appetite

How hungry are you for Risk?

The setting of an organisation's risk appetite is a critical component of a robust risk management framework. The appetite should be the articulation of the board's desire or willingness to take on or retain risk using measurable factors.

  • How Risk Appetite is defined by APRA and the ISO 31000.
  • Who is responsible for setting your organisation's Risk Appetite?
  • Process for identifying the level of Appetite.

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Risk Maturity

A Practical Guide to Risk Maturity

Interested in the level of Risk Maturity of your company?

Every year organisations invest a significant amount of money, energy and budget in systems, processes and tools that are intended to provide better risk management. 

The implementation of these new resources enables the organisations to work towards a robust and mature risk management framework, but how can you determine how far along the Risk Maturity path your organisation is, and how much further your investment will take you?” 

To help you determine your Risk Maturity and identify steps to assist you in the journey, download our Free eBook.

Topics in the eBook include:

  1. Evolution of the maturity process.
  2. What are the benefits of growing up?
  3. Optimisation of reward to risk... And more!

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Risk Analytics

Five Tips for Creating Risk Management Dashboards

Security Risk Management, Performance Management

From Risk Management to Performance Management

Directly link risk management to the achievement of your objectives.

Today's leading organisations recognise that risk management is in fact performance outcomes management. They are resilient organisations who de-risk their known knowns, known unknowns and unknown unknowns - the latter normally handled by a robust business continuity management plan and have implemented risk-based opportunity management.

In this eBook, we outline common issues many organisations encounter when linking risk to their strategy, risk appetite, tolerance and capacity and provide basic steps and proven solutions you can implement to overcome many of the hurdles encountered when moving from risk management to performance management.

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