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21/05/2018 / Risk Manager, Enterprise Risk Management, Compliance Management

Whitepaper: Improving your insights into Risk with Historical Models

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) software manages the processes and the risk related data that drive risk behaviour, including Risks, Controls, Issues and Actions, Incidents, Key Risk Indicators (KRIs), Audit Findings, Compliance Obligations, Risk Control Self-Assessment (RCSA), Compliance Questions, and Compliance Attestations to name a few.

Tracking this data helps an organisation manage risk through improved knowledge and understanding. A good ERM framework will provide Business Intelligence (BI) analytics to visualise this data to enable business users to make better decisions.The analytics should cover all levels of the organisation vertically from strategic, through to tactical and operational-level decision making.

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22/11/2017 / Risk Manager, Enterprise Risk Management, Compliance Management

eBook: Compliance Risk Management

What is this eBook about?

  • What is Compliance and Compliance Risk Management?
  • Identify the sources of  compliance requirements
  • Understand compliance requirements, and determine related obligations
  • Creating and rating obligations
  • Other information and links to the obligation and More

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14/11/2017 / Risk Manager, Bow Tie Analysis, Enterprise Risk Management

eBook: Bow Tie Risks

What is this eBook about?

Bow Tie analysis is one effective Risk Management Tool that different companies have been using for more than 30 years.

With this graphical eBook, full of explanatory images, you will be able to see the value you can gain from a logical and simple way of looking at even the most complex of risks and incidents.

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14/12/2016 / Risk Controls, Risk Manager

The Importance of Controls in Risk Management

When we have a clear understanding of our risks and controls we can look for improvements in their efficiency and effectiveness so we achieve more for less. Read this eBook, and learn important information about this topic, including:


  • What aspect(s) of risk does a control modify
  • Types of controls
  • Which measures should be recorded?
    And More...

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