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From Risk Management to Performance Management

Directly link risk management to the achievement of your objectives.

Today's leading organisations recognise that risk management is in fact performance outcomes management. They are resilient organisations who de-risk their known knowns, known unknowns and unknown unknowns - the latter normally handled by a robust business continuity management plan and have implemented risk-based opportunity management.

In this eBook, we outline common issues many organisations encounter when linking risk to their strategy, risk appetite, tolerance and capacity and provide basic steps and proven solutions you can implement to overcome many of the hurdles encountered when moving from risk management to performance management.

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Security Risk Management

Protecting people and assets in the current security climate

With so much happening in the security environment at the moment it’s a good time to reflect on what leading organisations are doing to reassure their personnel and ensure that realistic security risks are being mitigated. The term ‘security’ is a broad one, so characterising it here, and especially in view of statements made at the Commonwealth level, is important.

Within the security industry practitioners tend to regard security in the ‘protective’ sense; that is, what we do to protect the safety of people. It is natural enough given that the very legal obligation stems from workplace health and safety laws. Of course security also plays a major role in the protection of assets (think equipment, information, buildings etc.), operations, brand and reputation, through a range of methods.

Within the current environment, proactive security managers will have, shortly after the National Terrorism Alert Level was increased to HIGH (a terrorist attack is likely), communicated to employees a statement of the current situation and what it means for them. The Prime Minister’s website (www.pm.gov.au) contains a range of media releases and even a YouTube video articulating how people should react to the statements. So too does the National Security website (www.nationalsecurity.gov.au), which is maintained by the Commonwealth Attorney General's Department.