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How we use the Agile Methodology to help our clients

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Protecht's People & Culture Manager, Cassie Thomson, talks to the Chief Technology Officer, Peter Walker about how the development team adopted the Agile Methodology to benefit our clients.



Video Transcription

Cassie Thomson: So today I'm talking with Peter. Now Peter, Protecht adopts an Agile methodology. Can you tell us a little bit about how that will benefit our clients?

Peter Walker: Yeah, thanks for that question, Cassie. There are a number of benefits for our clients. Probably one of the key benefits is collaboration. What with the Agile methodology, it allows our developers to work with our clients when they're developing new features, and what this means is that the developers understand what our clients are facing in the field.

Cassie: Fantastic, and I suppose with that communication, how does that affect when changes occur in a project?

Peter: Again, the Agile methodology really helps us respond to challenge, and rather than being locked in, the developers can identify improvements and incorporate those in the features that we're developing.

Cassie: Great.

Peter: Probably the other thing is just making sure we're developing things that meet our clients' requirements. It's really key that we're developing features that our clients want and use and that they need the most.

Cassie: Absolutely, so you know exactly what they want each step of the way.

Peter: Correct.

Cassie: Great.

Peter: Yeah, and finally, just getting early delivery, so putting the development in the hand of the clients as early as we can so we can get feedback and incorporate that feedback in a need-to-review process.

Cassie: Fantastic. Well, thank you so much, Peter. For more information or to find out how we can help, please just visit our website.

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