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Information Security Risk Management: An Interview with Peter Walker, Protecht Group Chief Information Officer

In this blog post, Peter Walker, Protecht's Chief Information Officer, answers some questions around information security and getting ISO 27001 certified.

Why are you concerned about information security?

I receive notifications of data breaches and information security reports with lessons learned on a daily basis. The number, magnitude and consequences of these incidents continue to rise. As Protecht's CIO, it’s a sobering thought when you are managing other people’s highly sensitive data.

While we have always had information security processes and procedures in place for many years, I recognised the need to do more and to be able to quickly demonstrate to the Protecht Executive Team and external parties that we had in place a robust and effective information security risk management framework in place. As a separate driver, we needed to be able to demonstrate to our Australian Commonwealth Government clients and prospects that we met the very stringent information security management requirements of the Australian Signals Directorate.

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