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Opportunity risk management

Writing blogs in risk management is risky. It has a potential upside and a downside.  On the upside, the hope is that the blog adds to the development of risk management thinking and at the least promotes discussion on ideas that could lead to improvements in this great discipline. On the downside, it opens oneself up to criticism, usually relating to the view that we are overcomplicating things and/or not being technically correct. 

I for one, think the risk is worth taking as I believe the upside outweighs the downside and by and large positive and/or constructive feedback outweighs any negative and or destructive comments.

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How to Balance Risk and Reward in your organisation?

Finding the Optimal Balance to make better decisions

Organisations, or more precisely, the employees of organisations, make hundreds, if not thousands of decisions a day.  Some are major, such as deciding on strategy or whether to purchase a new system while many are small, such as whether to take the stairs or elevator or where to place your coffee on your work desk.

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From Regulatory Compliance Risk Management to Performance Management

Changing the Value of Risk Management in the Australian Property Sector
“No risks here, leave us alone, say property industry leaders” (AFR, 27th September 2014).

While the Reserve Bank continued to express concerns about the continuing surge in demand for Australian office towers, shopping centres, industrial facilities and residential property, the leaders of the leading property sector firms downplayed potential risks to their businesses – “No risks here”.

So what has been the major risk focus of the property sector over recent years?

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