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Live Webinar - Risk Assessment

ERM Risk Assessment Protecht.ERM system Risk Management Framework

Inherent, Residual and Targeted Risk: What Risk Professionals Need to Know

Wednesday, 19th June at 10:00 to 10:45 AM BST (7:00 to 7:45 PM AEST)

  • Watch the recording to learn:
  • What you will learn in this webinar:
  • Defining Inherent, Residual and Targeted risk
  • Common issues in using Inherent Risk
    Using Inherent, Residual and Targeted risks in a risk management framework
    - Using risk matrices
    - Using appropriate likelihood and impact scales
    - Rating control effectiveness, existing and proposed controls
    - Reporting the various risk levels
  • Extracting valuable insights and prompting action
  • Visualisation of risk assessment and reporting concepts in Protecht.ERM

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